Jamie Cant

Jamie has been teaching, directing and performing with people of all ages and ethnicities for over 20 years in Australia, the UK and more recently in Singapore. He has worked with a range of local, national and international theatre companies, training organisations and theatre practitioners. Known for his energy, creativity and good humour, Jamie has performed a wide range of commercial voices for local agencies inclusive of surfer dudes, teenage geeks, beleaguered neurotics, naïve, aspiring young professionals and mere mortals wrestling with the big questions of life, the universe and everything. Jamie has also provided narration for CD audio releases. Having worked with young people for many years, Jamie is adept at stepping into role as one of them. His voice speaks to the young at heart in all of us. Consistency, clarity and attention to detail are key to Jamie’s work as his ability to hit his mark to meet deadlines. Jamie loves a challenge.

Audio Samples

Jamie Cant Compilation demo
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