Jamie Croft

Jamie Croft has established himself as an actor and character voice artist of high repute since he was a child.

With his career starting on the iconic Australian Drama serial A Country Practice, Croft went on to appear in other TV shows such as Sun On The Stubble, Mission Top Secret and Farscape. He won an AFI award for his portrayal of ‘Ort’ in the critically acclaimed film That Eye The Sky.

Lead roles in the feature films Joey, The Real Macaw, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Blurred followed. Recently he has appeared in the NBC Mini Series Hercules and ITV Drama Series Mrs Biggs.

As well as the screen, Croft has performed in numerous Theatre productions such as _ Lord Of The Flies_ at The Stables and Beyond The Neck at Downstairs Belvoir

He has recorded voices for the animated series Junior and Life Rules for Yoram Gross EMTV; Zigby, Legend of Enyo and Heidi for Flying Bark Productions; Sea Princesses for Southern Star; and The Davincibles for SLR Productions. Jamie voiced the lead character of ‘Claude’ in the animated telemovie Gumnutz and the title character in the Live Action feature film Napoleon. He recently voiced the role of Jevan in Endemol’s series for the ABC, Hairy Legs, and is currently recording for Flying Bark’s new animated series, Blinky Bill. He has also lent his voice to numerous high profile advertising campaigns and can currently be heard on the promotions for The Lifestyle Channel

His youthful voice is perfect for teenage and young adult roles and he is brilliant with characters, dialogue, straight and retail reads.

Jamie Croft - Animation Reel

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