How do I become a voiceover artist?

Becoming a voiceover artist requires more than just a great voice. There is a set of skills involved that can be honed by attending courses and practice. The next step would be to contact a recording studio and record a voice demo.

Can I do voiceovers on the side while I have another job?

Your availability and flexibility are very important when it comes to voiceovers as jobs are often only booked in the day before, or even an hour before!

How do I apply for representation?

RGM Voices only represents Artists that are currently looked after by another area of the agency.

Please note that any materials that are submitted to RGM Voices will not be returned. Please do not submit the original or your only copy of any materials. RGM Voices cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any items.

Any unsolicited applications for representation will not receive a response and all materials will be deleted or respectfully recycled.

We are unable to offer any feedback on materials received.

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